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Good nutrition is an essential for a fanatic athlete. When a person’s goal is to achieve muscle growth, it is important to get the right nutrition to let your muscles recover after a heavy workout. To improve this, many athletes are choosing for supplements, such as protein shakes. This is an easy way to foresee in your daily need of protein. In practice, this is not always as easy as it seems. Quick Protein makes this a lot easier for you! Directly after you finished your workout, a freshly mixed protein shake from the highest quality in a flavor of your choice out one of our vending machines. Quick Protein offers you this for only €12.95 a month!

Our Flavors

Quick Protein offers you multiple options at the touch of a button! For instance, choose a well-known flavor such as vanilla. Or try something different, such as Cookies & Cream!


Meet one of our basic flavors! By its neutral taste, Vanilla will be appreciated by many. The creamy, distinct taste makes this shake a delight!


This fruity flavor is all time favorite. The sweat taste is known to the most, but for sure worth trying.

Cookies & Cream

Quick Protein now offers Cookies & Cream! The creaminess of the protein powder in combination with the typical taste of a cookie, will makes this taste a true recommendation.